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Quick and Easy Coq Au Vin

Serves 4
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  • In a large bowl season flour with salt and pepper. Dust chicken pieces in seasoned flour.
  • In a large casserole pan, heat oil and butter over medium-high heat, until butter melts. Shake excess flour from chicken and, in batches, brown chicken pieces, for 2 minutes each side, or until golden brown. Transfer to a plate. Repeat with remaining chicken.
  • Reduce heat to low. Using the juices in the pan, sauté pancetta, onion, garlic, leek and mushrooms for a further 10 minutes or until soft.
  • Increase heat to medium, add bouquet garnis and white wine, cook down for 2 minutes.
  • Return chicken to the pan and top with stock, submerging the chicken pieces. Bring to a gentle simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes or until nearly cooked through. Add baby carrots and simmer for 10 minutes. Add broccolini and radish and simmer for a further 5-10 minutes until cooked to your liking. Season to taste.
  • Meanwhile, make tapenade by pounding together ingredients to a coarse paste using a mortar and pestle. This can also be made using a stick blender with bowl attachment. Spread tapenade on sliced baguette and serve with coq au vin.

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