Crayfish Risotto

Serves 4
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  • To poach crayfish; Fill a large, deep, stockpot ¾ full of salted water, and bring to a rolling boil. Submerge crayfish, into boiling water and cook for 6 mins, turn off the heat and allow to sit for a further 5 mins. The shells will turn a vibrant bright red. Remove from pot and set aside to cool.
  • To prepare crayfish; Remove the head by twisting it from the body, discard the ‘mustard’ from the head. Using strong scissors or a sharp knife, cut along each side of the tail, underneath, where the shell is soft. Gently remove the meat from the tail, keeping it in one piece, and set it aside.
  • For the Crayfishstock; heat olive oil in a large, deep stockpot to medium-high heat, Add shells and crush with a rolling pin to break down. Sautee shells over high heat. Add onion, celery, garlic, tomatoes, paste, bay leaves, thyme, and parsley stalks, cook, stirring for 5 mins. Add 500ml of poaching liquid from above and vegetable stock. Bring to boil, cook for 15 -20mins to develop flavours. Reduce heat to low and leave simmering while preparing risotto.
  • For the risotto; heat a large frypan over medium heat, sautéonion, leeks and celery in olive oil until softened, add garlic and rice cook, stirring to coat each grain of rice. Add 1 cup of crayfish stock and cook, stirring continuously, adding ladleful’s of stock allowing them to absorb each time (approx. 4 –5 cups in total). Risotto should retain its shape, have a tiny bit of bite and is creamy, approx. 25–30 mins.
  • Add butter, tomatoes and asparagus, stir to combine, remove from heat.
  • Plunge crayfish tail meat into simmering stock to warm through, approx. 2 mins.7.To serve; place the risotto in a serving bowl, top with sliced crayfish tailpieces and garnish with chervil and basil. Tip: poaching crayfish in seawater preserves its original ocean flavour
  • NOTE: Fish, chicken or vegetable stock can be substituted for CrayfishStock