Armenian Stuffed Pumpkin

Serves 6-8
  • Steps
  • Ingredients


Preparing the rice

  • Pour the boiling water over the rice and simmer over a low heat until nearly cooked. This should take about 4-7 minutes depending on the type of rice. Keep in mind that the rice will keep cooking whilst the pumpkin bakes.
  • Strain and return the rice to the hot pot. Add the salt and melted butter, stirring gently until evenly combined.

Preparing the pumpkin

  • Using a sharp knife cut out a round-shaped lid off the top part of the pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and the fibrous parts of the pumpkin cavity.
  • Use a spoon to scrape some of the flesh off the pumpkin if the cavity is small and the walls of the pumpkin are too thick.
  • Coat/massage the walls of the cavity with some butter and honey. Set the pumpkin aside.

Preparing the fruit mixture

  • In a frying pan sauté the fruit, nuts and spices with the coconut oil and butter.
  • Add the diluted honey and heat for a further minute. Cover the pan with a lid to keep warm.

Stuffing the pumpkin

  • Preheat oven to 170 degrees.
  • Spoon one layer of rice into the pumpkin and add a layer of the fruit-and-nut mixture. Repeat until both are used up.
  • Warm the additional honey in the microwave for 25 seconds and dilute it with a quarter cup of boiled water.
  • Pour the diluted honey into the pumpkin over the rice mixture. Insert the cinnamon quill into the centre of the pumpkin. Place the “lid” back on the pumpkin.
  • Place the pumpkin on an oven-proof tray that is bigger than the pumpkin to make it easier to plate whilst hot.
  • Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for about 1 hour and 30 minutes or until cooked through. Test doneness by inserting skewer vertically near the lid of the pumpkin so that the liquid doesn’t leak out.
  • Before serving, allow pumpkin to cool to a manageable temperature. You will get the best flavour and texture if you leave it in the oven to cool slowly for 5-6 hours.
  • Open the lid of the Ghapama and remove the cinnamon quill. Use a sharp knife to slice the pumpkin along its grooves into segments. Fan it out onto a platter like a lower. Enjoy as a side dish, dessert or as brunch.