What You Missed: Spring Edition

From spring cleaning with Peter Walsh, to capturing beautiful pics of Cradle Mountain, here's what you missed from Episode 24 of The Living Room

Open the windows and let in the fresh air - spring is here and The Living Room has you sorted for the season.

Declutter With Peter Walsh

For stylist Anita, her once spare room had quickly turned into a junk pile for props and set dressings she had collected over the years. Sadly, this wasn't the only room in dire need of help, as her beautiful yet forgotten vintage caravan was also  filled to the brim with clutter. With Peter Walsh around, keeping things out of sight and out of mind was no longer going to work, and Anita had to face the mess and choose only the items she loves and the items she uses.

The biggest lesson we learnt from Peter? "Don't put it down, put it away".

Check out how Peter and the team turned this junk room into a functional office, and the caravan into a cosy guest room for friends and family.

Want to find out what products Peter used? Check out our Factsheets page for details.

Winter On Cradle Mountain

As we waved goodbye to winter, Dr. Chris spent the remains of the cold season on Tasmania's Cradle Mountain.

Here, he met renowned Tasmanian photographer Paul Fleming, who challenged Chris to take some stunning photos that would inspire people to visit Cradle Mountain all-year-round.

Take a look at Chris and Paul's pics below.

By Chris Brown

By Chris Brown

By Paul Fleming

By Paul Fleming


Barry and Miguel met up with R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton, to learn about trusting your gut and speaking up when you think a friend is in need.

Katherine set Barry and Miguel to the challenge of working together to make a batch of cruffins.

The catch? Their hands were tied together.

Despite the difficult challenge, we think they nailed it!

Learn to bake these simple, five ingredient vanilla cruffins on our recipes page.

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