What You Missed: Father's Day Special

In this week's Father's Day episode, The Living Room dads come together to surprise a father with his dream backyard.

From homemade pizza, to one of the biggest backyard renos of the year, check out what you missed on Episode 23 of The Living Room.

Renovation With Barry Du Bois

Father of one, Jared, was in for a nice surprise as his wife called in Barry and the team for a bit of reno help. After suffering with terrible back pain and dealing with medical costs, Jared's dream of a beautiful backyard has been put on the back-burner and is in dire need of help. Luckily for Jared and his family, Barry is here to save the day!

The TLR dads, Barry, Miguel, Kyal and Matt, came together to create this Mediterranean style paradise. With a brand new BBQ and an open entertainment space, Jared's dream of the perfect backyard has come to fruition.

Want to check out the products used for this backyard makeover? Take a look at our Episode 23 factsheet for details.

Miguel's Father's Day Pizza

What's fun to make, easy to share and ridiculously tasty? Pizza! To help Barry and the team makeover Jared's backyard, Miguel installed a pizza oven and is here to show you how to make a pizza from scratch.

Check out Miguel's Homemade Pizza on our recipes page.

Koala Conservation

Dogs may not be the natural friends of koalas but on the Redlands coast they’re playing a key role in the conservation of this vulnerable species.

This southeast Queensland enclave boasts one of Australia’s most significant coastal koala habitats and this week Chris met researcher Dr Celine Frere to hear more about her Detection Dogs for Conservation program.

The dogs are trained to find scat, which can help researchers map their location, test for genetic diversity and track diseased or injured animals.

Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats to the koala population, but understanding their distribution can help improve conservation outcomes.

Mikey Robins

Amanda meets up with Mikey Robins for lunch and to chat about his new book ‘Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit’. Mikey’s book explores the history of food via the seven deadly sins – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, Wrath and Sloth.

Hot Or Not

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