Trick n eating

Get your kids to chomp on the foods they claim to hate…

Brussels sprouts
Why they hate them: The pungent smell and strong flavour.
Why they should eat them: They’re full of protein, fibre and Vitamin C.
Clever cooking: Saute in olive oil with crispy bacon, sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving.

Why they hate it: The strong aroma and slimy texture.
Why they should eat it: Omega-3 oils encourage a healthy heart, brain and eyesight.
Clever cooking: Use mild fish like halibut or tuna and serve them in tempura batter or a burger bun.

Why they hate it: They think it smells like cheesy feet!
Why they should eat it: It contains vitamin C, is rich in fibre and helps your digestive system.
Clever cooking: Stir shredded cabbage, fresh tomatoes, chopped sausages and cheese through warm spaghetti.

Why they hate it: Some children get funny about ‘bits’ in the yogurt.
Why they should eat it: It promotes a healthy colon, is easy to digest, boosts immunity and is rich in calcium.
Clever cooking: Find a smooth yogurt, then serve topped with berries that any child won’t be able to resist.

Why they hate it: They feel like rabbits when asked to eat whole leaves.
Why they should eat it: Lettuce is rich in vitamin K which is good for bones.
Clever cooking: Shred cos finely, toss with shredded beetroot, carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, soy and lime.

Why they hate it: Because of its smooth, powdery consistency.
Why they should eat it: Liver contains a lot of iron, vitamin A and protein.
Clever cooking: Throw liver slithers on the BBQ and serve in a bun with fried onions, BBQ sauce and corn.

Why they hate them: Most people overcook these little green balls so they lose their colour and fresh taste.
Why they should eat them: They’re low in calories and full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
Clever cooking: Buy fresh peas in the pod or mash frozen ones into potato to create ‘alien mash’.

Why they hate it: Its metallic flavour, deep green colour and soggy texture.
Why they should eat it: It’s full of fibre, folic acid, magnesium and flavonoids.
Clever cooking: Blend fresh spinach with olive oil and water. Add a dollop of 'puree' to any sauce, stew or soup!