Top tips for resale renovation

Want to give your property a face lift before selling? Here's how...

Stay neutral Purple might be to YOUR taste, but it’s not necessarily going to impress the masses. Keep walls, floors, curtains and main pieces of furniture simple.

Brilliant bathroom Buyers always like a decent bathroom. If you remodel yours, energy efficient toilets and spacious showers are particularly appealing at the moment.

Deck hand A good outdoor space such as a new deck or patio is always a great way to improve your property before selling up.

Historic chic If your home has interesting period features like original fireplaces or old mouldings, restore them before putting it on the market. Everyone's all about an eclectic mix of old and new at the moment.

Do (some of) It Yourself It’s easier than you think to renovate. It's advisable to get the experts in for the more complex work, but you can definitely paint or lay tiles yourself.

The little things Review each room before starting a resale reno. Does it REALLY need a thorough overhaul? Or will a lick of paint and new curtains suffice? Sometimes it's just the little changes that make all the difference.

Cool kitchen It’s a buyer's dream to move into a home with a kitchen that requires zero work. Go for quality appliances, durable surfaces and simple, timeless aesthetics.

Ren-vironment If your budget allows, choose energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, appliances and roof when renovating. Not only will this make your property appeal to the current eco-conscious market but you can also earn tax credits.

Take care A bit of care goes a long way. Grout left on tiles, drips of paint on doors and picture holes in walls are not acceptable!

Calm down Don’t go overboard with your reno - keep things affordable and simple and save the money to buy yourself luxurious items in your next place.

Danger, danger! During the overhaul, make danger zones like asbestos, dodgy wiring, damp patches and leaking pipes a priority. Viewers and inspectors will definitely spot them.

Garden guru It's important to neaten up your garden before reselling, but don't break the bank on plants. Just make it a tidy space that potential buyers can take over with little effort.