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The Living Room wants to hear your stories in 2022.

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We’re on the lookout for everyday people keen for a lifestyle transformation, no matter how big or small.

Are you on the verge of retirement, and feeling a little lost?

Is there a space in your home that’d make a perfect Airbnb?

Is your son an avid twitcher who wants to attract more birds to the backyard?

Do you have a partner who will only eat meat and three veg?

Are your teenagers struggling to make eye contact over the dinner table?

Do you have a milestone on the horizon and no idea how to celebrate?

Are you sick of being the meat in the sandwich with kids who won’t leave home and elderly parents who need support?

Do you know a local legend who never has time for themselves?

Let The Living Room help. Tell us YOUR stories today – we’re all ears (and feel free to dob in a mate)!

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