Tiffiny Hall Returns to The Living Room

The Living Room is thrilled to welcome TBL trainer Tiffiny Hall back in season 5

She whipped Chris and Miguel into shape last season and now renowned trainer and fitness guru Tiffiny Hall is set to make her return to The Living Room. The martial arts pro will join the team for several action-packed stories across season 5.

First, Tiffiny teams up with Miguel to celebrate the release of kids film, Kung Fu Panda 3. Tiffiny puts on her Taekwondo instructor hat to turn a group of lucky youngsters into true Panda Dragon Warriors. Their reward? An Asian feast created by Miguel to excite the senses and fuel the imagination.

Later in the season, Tiffiny will return to present a series of health stories on popular topics such as dieting and exercise.

The Living Room airs 7.30 Fridays on TEN