The Living Room Welcomes Tiffiny Hall In 2017

We're thrilled to welcome TBL trainer Tiffiny Hall back in 2017

Celebrity trainer, founder of lifestyle program, author and martial arts expert, TV Week Logie Award-nominated Tiffiny Hall has many titles tucked under Taekwondo black belt.

In 2016, Tiff launched TIFFXO, a highly successful, holistic online fitness and lifestyle program. In the same year, she also launched her active-wear collection TIFFINY HALL for FILA.

Last season she gave us the inside scoop into an affordable DIY home gym and now Tiffiny  is set to make her return to The Living Room. The martial arts pro will join the team for several action-packed stories across season 6.

Tiffiny will share tips on managing stress, exercising at work, or 'Deskercise,' as well as a special Bridal Blitz workout and so much more.

The Living Room airs 7.30 Fridays on TEN