Three Simple Tweaks To Make Life Easier And Get Hours Back In Your Day

Because, let's face it, your time is valuable, why bother doing the hard yards?

No matter how organised a person you are, there are always some things you just can’t get on top of. And while getting up at 4.30am to make lunch/ finish reports / vacuum the cat can see you catch up with life’s little chores, there are actually certain things you can offload to other people that can make your life a little easier (and even sleep in til 5!).

The Cleaning

OK, so no one expects to never lift a finger again (though let’s face it, that would be nice!) but getting some of the household cleaning done can be a godsend. In a recent study by Ajax, 79 percent of people say they personally help clean the home at least once a week, and spend, on average, 1.5 hours doing it. That’s a lot of time we can get back. And it’s cheaper than you may think. The cost of cleaning a two-bedroom apartment once a fortnight, for example, is around $80 on average. If you share with a friend or partner that works out at just $20 a week each – or four large takeaway coffees. Save up big cleaning jobs like the oven, the bath and a good vacuum under the bed and couch for the cleaners to do, tidy up as you go every day and you’ll be saving yourself sanity and time – how blissful.

The Cooking

You don’t have to sweat over a hot stove every night in order to make sure that you eat a good balanced meal. You can get healthy options delivered to your door – without them tasting like “diet food” or mass-produced frozen meals. For instance, delivery service Chefgood create nutritionally balanced meals that are home delivered to your door every week and made by real chefs -- it’s restaurant standard food that can also be tailored to your pickiest diet, taste and even calorie intake. You can even plate them up like a MasterChef contestant, and kinda pretend you made it. We won’t tell.

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The Chores

OK so you’ve outsourced the cleaning and sorted dinner, but what about that leaking tap? Those chipped skirting boards you said you would paint? The dog-walking? All of these little jobs can be done for relatively low cost, freeing you up for that yoga class or nap you really need. Handymen and women are easy to find these days on sites like AirTasker, are a growing group -- revenue in the handyman sector is expected to reach over $100 million this year, according to a report by IbisWorld -- and the good news is they’re usually cheaper than a tradesperson, earning on average $30 per hour and they have a wider range of skills that are suited to home maintenance and repair. In other words, all those little things you need doing around the house. Get it? Dogwalkers are equally inexpensive – according to AirTasker a dog walker can charge between $10 and $50 a time, meaning you could easily afford one every now and then when necessary. And by necessary we mean, well, when you need that nap.

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