The worlds wildest cities

If you thought Chris had a crazy time in Santiago, check out the planet’s other most happening places…

Berlin, Germany This city is the home of techno music. Drink some of the best beer in the world in one of Berlin’s ‘biergartens’ and grab a currywurst before hitting one of the many funky urban clubs.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil How could the home of Carnaval not be included in this list?! This festival season encourages locals and tourists to dress up in colourful costumes, dance the samba and take part in the vibrant parade.

Amsterdam, Holland This Dutch city is overflowing with English and Belgian beers. We’re not sure if we should mention what Amsterdam is most famous for – the legal marijuana coffee shops and Red Light District.

New Orleans, USA The party never ends in Louisiana! The Quarter is THE place to gobble amazing food, slurp frozen cocktails on the street and listen to jazz.

Ibiza, Spain In this hedonistic hot spot, partying begins at 11pm and keeps going until noon the next day. Not hardcore enough? Go to one of the clubs where foam is sprayed up to eye level on the dance floor!

Goa, India Head to Anjuna Beach for secret beach parties and festivals throughout the year. This wild spot also has a bargainsome flea market, local Latin dancers and a fiery pork vindaloo!

Budapest, Hungary Since the end of communism in 1989, Budapest has become a clubbing hub, with DJs from all over the world. A top venue is A38, a renovated Ukrainian stone-carrying ship moored on the Danube!

Las Vegas, USA It’s a given that Sin City would be featured in this list, right? Have a flutter at the casinos, watch adult entertainment, ride a rollercoaster or enjoy a bar crawl down The Strip. This city NEVER sleeps!