The ultimate 70s style guide

Did you love Barry's retro 'wow house'? Here's how to take your home back to the 70s...

Shag carpets Retro style is all about texture and there’s nothing more textural than shag carpets. Although 70s folk loved green, brown and two-tone rugs, we can tastefully nod to the era with neutral coloured shags.

Funky chairs Want to fill your home with 70s furniture? Every chair must make a statement in colour, texture and size.

Mirror madness Were 70s homeowners vain? They used mirrors as accessories for every room.

Hanging… everything Everything should hang – chairs, beds, or baskets stuffed with spider plants.

Bright art Andy Warhol encouraged people to cover their walls with brightly coloured art, giving 70s décor its carefree and optimistic feel.

Le Creuset cookware Get nostalgic in your kitchen with Le Creuset coloured cookware. Go a step further by cooking meatballs or a chocolate fondue in them!

Lava lamps These colourful plug-ins used to cast colourful glows in every room. Don’t want to go that far? Try a gaudy lampshade instead.

Sunken living rooms We love the 70s trend of stepping down into your cosy lounge area!

Teak wood This was the most popular material for fashioning door and window frames and indoor furnishings like sideboards and coffee tables.

Curved edges 70s architecture favoured rounded edges, so it’s rare to see straight and jagged lines in a home from that era.

Dramatic fireplaces The oversized, industrial wood-burning fires of the 70s have definitely made an interior design comeback.

Bold fabrics Everything from your doona cover to your curtains should feature bold colours and patterns. Think orange, mustard and green circles on a white background.

Wallpaper Not everyone wants to completely revive 70s style, but some are opting for a softer homage with Laura Ashley patterned wallpaper.

Disco style We’re not suggesting that you turn your home into a kitsch dancefloor. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a glitterball here and there.

Exposure Display those raw materials – be it brickwork, stone walls, wooden floors or tiles.