The sweetest thing

After Miguel’s donut/churros face-off, we’re craving something sugary. Here’s some sin-spiration…

This Italian ice cream originates from Florence in Tuscany. In Australia, however, there are some gorgeous gelatarias like Messina in Sydney, which has unusual yet delectable flavours such as apple pie, coconut and lychee and poached figs in Marsala.

Chocolate éclair
These oblong choux pastries filled with cream or crème patissiere and topped with chocolate icing originated in France during the 19th century.

Pain au chocolat
A sweet roll made from pastry and stuffed with chocolate. If you lived in France, it’s pretty likely you’d buy one warm each morning and munch it on the way to work. Delicieux!

This meringue-like confectionery can be filled with traditional chocolate ganache, jam or buttercream, but star patissier Adriano Zumbo favours flavours like salted butter caramel and peach iced tea.

You can get delicious vanilla or chocolate cupcakes all over the world, but in Notting Hill in London dwells the Hummingbird Bakery. Their red velvet cupcake has got to be one of the planet’s most perfect sweet treats.

Gulab jamun
These donut-like dough balls are deep fried on the streets of India, before being drizzled in rosewater or saffron-flavoured syrup and served warmmmmmm.

Maple taffy
Sweet toothed Canadians like to literally pour hot maple syrup into snow and roll it around on a stick to create the sugariest, naughtiest snack.

The cookie. A staple in every US mom’s pantry to help keep them sane. Whether they’re packed with choc chips, dried fruit, hazelnuts or peanut butter, these biscuits sure do keep the kids content.

Chocolate fondue
Switzerland is home to some of the finest chocolate in the world. Now imagine that choc melted in a terracotta pot and served with fresh fruit and marshmallows for dunking. (Excuse us while we dribble).

This Greek and Turkish pastry is made by pouring a honey, sugar and lemon juice syrup over layers of phyllo dough, melted butter and nuts