The Living Room Boys Celebrate Their Mums For Mother’s Day

Barry Du Bois, Dr Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre share some love for their mums ahead of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, 9 May this year and in the lead-up, the boys of The Living Room shared some of their favourite memories about their own mums.

What’s your favourite memory about your mum growing up?

Chris: There are a lot. But her crusade against overpriced board shorts when I was a kid was something else. She decided to make her own for me from fabric she bought from Spotlight and then sew on a Rip Curl label she’d unpicked from an old pair. She proudly declared, “no-one will ever know”. Well, everyone did know when they took 36 hours to dry.

Miguel: The best memories that I have of my mum is in the kitchen cooking with my dad. Mum and dad use to cook together, I have amazing memories of my dad cleaning the seafood and mum cooking us a beautiful lunch.

My family lives and breathes cooking and has since I was really little. Mum was one of 20 and my grandma used to cook for everyone on Sundays. I think that’s why I love my restaurants. They’re loud and robust just like my family and like my style of cooking.

Barry: There’s too many, you know me, I can go for hours about this and It'll just make me emotional.

What’s your favourite meal she cooked for you?

Chris: There was a mushroom omelette that lives in infamy around the Brown family as one of the best and worst. It was delicious…with one small hitch. She’s used ‘wild’ mushrooms picked in the country that turned out to be toadstools. The whole family were violently ill for 4 hours.

Miguel: Mum is the best at making rice. She makes the best paella’s, she always makes a ‘Russian salad’ a Spanish dish, and the best Spanish omelette. Mum always made mayonnaise fresh before lunch. It was unbelievable.

Barry: Mum was a meat and three veg cook. The days I was ever sick at home, or home from school, I would look forward to the morning tea that mum made me. Some warm Milo plus Devon and tomato sauce sandwiches. The sense of love and security that it gave me made anyone feel good.

What’s the best thing about your mum?

Chris: Her ability to light up a room with laughter and elaborate stories the moment she walks in… That’s always been her special gift.

Miguel: Her smile. I’m more similar to my mum than my dad, my mum has the best smile and so much strength. She is so strong. I have seen her cry once or twice in my life. She is so strong, but also loving and tender.

Mum and dad are still in Murcia, Spain. I miss them every day. Every second and every minute.

Barry: The best thing about mum is that I can see her in my daughter, absolute perfection.

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