The Craft Kit Every Child Will Be Loving This Year

Have a budding Picasso in the household?

What about a Martha Stewart? You won’t know unless you’re letting them get stuck into some arts and crafts - so bring on the mess and get into it. Nothing gets those creative juices flowing more than the chance to just have a go… and an added bonus is you’ll be cutting down on their screen time with something they’ll enjoy.

And more than that, arts and craft are vital to help children as they develop.

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Every day in the classroom kids’ minds are expanding thanks to the lessons they’re being taught, and art and craft projects are a big part of that process.

It’s important to provide kids with a craft kit they will love -- at a budget that suits you, of course. For the ultimate craft kit for your artist-in-waiting, it’s a good idea to get them crayons, pencils, chalk, glue, glitter, paint and paper to let their creativity shine. From basic craft supplies like cardboards, yarn, cotton balls and chenille sticks to the more adventurous projects - think paint your own museum art works, jigsaws, intricate model making and more – this year there are tonnes of painting projects, inside crafts, and modelling kits available for both at school and home that kids will love.

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Of course there are some things that are going to be huge in the craft world this year. For instance, it seems every child in the country is obsessed with Perler beads right now. The Harry Potter Perler Bead Kit is a great way to hone dexterity while letting them get creative by making their favourite character. Also big this year is knitting – which can help with motor skills and a way to encourage creativity (they can even make you something!) Modelling is a great way to let them explore how to overcome obstacles -- unlike something like maths where there is no flexibility, modelling craft teaches them that they can achieve the same result through different methods. New Plasticine or modelling kits give them ways to try all of that out.

Now you’ve got your kit in order, it’s time to let their minds run wild. Art and craft activities really help to create a sense of achievement within kids. Teaching a kid to create something tells them that they are in control – and can really help build self-confidence. Arts and crafts not only provide a platform for the kids to create new things, they also teach them to “think outside the box” and innovate.

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Who knows what your child is capable of!

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