The best cities in the world

Australia and NZ boast some of the most amazing cities, but there are a few goodies overseas too...


Who wouldn’t love the world’s capital of romance? In Rome, you can browse the racks of designer stores like Fendi and Valentino, gawp at the architecture of the Pantheon and Colosseum, nibble on pasta, pizza and risotto and feel saintly at The Vatican… all in one day!


This Indian city is famous for its vibrant fabrics, spectacular food, scenic gardens, historic sites and bustling markets. Mumbai really is a magical blend of old and new, rich and poor.


It would be ideal to visit this capital city during the Olympics, but if not there’s still plenty to do. You can catch a show in the West End, enjoy a pint in a traditional pub, sup tea at the Ritz, ponder the past at Big Ben or look to the future at the London Eye.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is perhaps the most dynamic, frantic city in the world. This place full of excitement certainly keeps your energy levels up, but it’s also incredibly safe too.

Buenos Aires

You can hang out in BA’s funky Palermo region, pretend you’re royalty at the presidential palace Casa Rosada, drink mate tea through a straw in the park or give your lungs a workout at a polo game.

Cape Town

Lots of people still steer clear of South Africa, but Cape Town is full of safe, gated communities. If Mother Nature could talk, she’d boast about CT – the place where two oceans meet, where some of the world’s best wine is made, where you can spot seals and sharks, where Table Mountain soars into the sky.

New York City

It’s no surprise to see NYC here! Whatever time of year you visit this US city, you won’t be bored! In winter you can ice skate at the Rockerfeller Centre, in summer you can enjoy a hot dog in Central Park. Grand Central station, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are obviously worth a glimpse too.


Hit the clothing stores in this Spanish city at the beginning of the year and you’ll get some bargain buys. In Barcelona, you can enjoy festivals complete with local music and delicious Catalan cuisine and you can go to the beach for nine months of the year.