Summers favourite foods

TLR tells you which seasonal produce you should be putting on your plate this Jan and Feb…

Blackberries Make a delicious and nutritious breaky bowl by mixing cooked quinoa with berries, toasted pecans, honey and yogurt.

Blue cheese England is famous for its stinky Stilton while Italy boasts gorgeous Gorgonzola, but there are currently about 22 lovely local blue vein cheeses made in Australia.

Coriander It’s easy to grow coriander in pots in your own garden to add to your salads, soups and stir fries! Sow them 1cm deep and cover with a shade cloth to give a longer harvest.

Eggplant Some people recommend tossing chopped eggplant in salt and leaving in a sieve to allow all the bitter juices to drip out before cooking.

Feta During a visit to an Adelaide Hills feta farm during Season One of The Living Room, Miguel made a delicious harissa couscous and feta tagine. Now’s the time to gobble up this recipe.

Figs Fresh figs are lovely thrown into a salad with chicory, walnuts, blue cheese and prosciutto, but other people prefer them dried or in homemade jam.

Leek Make a summery risotto with leeks, lemon, thyme, rocket and ricotta. Delicious!

Lettuce These leaves have been religious symbols throughout the years. Ancient Egyptians thought lettuce was a promoter of fertility, while Greeks would serve it at funerals.

Mackerel Sydney Fish Markets have an abundance of Spanish, Grey, School and Jack Mackerel throughout the summer season.

Oregano Part of the mint family and closely related to marjoram, this herb is often dried before being used in Lebanese, Italian, Greek and Portuguese cooking.

Passionfruit This tropical fruit is high in beta carotene (anti-cancer), potassium (reduces high blood pressure), fibre (aids digestion) and vitamin C (boosts immune system).

Peas For a Middle Eastern-inspired salad, toss cold peas with radish, mint, pea shoots, falafel and yogurt. Serve with warm Turkish garlic bread.

Prawns When buying prawns, always check that they have firm, complete shells, attached heads and no discolouration.

Yellow squash Toss chopped squash with olive oil and garlic and roast for 20 minutes. Add cooked bacon bits, a drizzle of maple syrup and paprika and bake for a further 5 minutes.