Scream for ice cream

The Living Room takes a lick of the world’s most perfect places to guzzle gelato…

Gelato Messina, Sydney, Australia
With delicious flavours of gelato such as poached figs in marsala or salted caramel and white chocolate, plus a ‘laboratory’ where they make little cakes made purely of gelato, it’s not surprising that Messina always seems to have queues out the door!

Ice Cream City, Tokyo, Japan
This theme park for foodies features 10 ice cream stores and dozens of stands selling over 400 flavours of icy goodness! Stick to conventional gelato and sundaes, or brave the more unusual flavours, such as soy chicken, sea salt or eel. Yes, eel.

Fenocchios, Nice, France
This family-owned business is just as renowned for its ice creams (tomato and basil flavour, anyone?) as its sorbets. On their website, Fenocchios promises to “tickle your taste buds”. We think the cactus-flavoured sorbet might do more than that.

Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi, Bangalore, India
Tucked away next to a mosque in Frazer Town is this little kulfi parlour. After an evening of gorging yourself on kebabs, stroll down the steamy streets and cool off with a malai (cream) or mango kulfi, a denser yet creamier Indian version of ice cream.

Serendipity Ice cream, Marrickville, Australia
This local ice creamery makes yummy gelato and the most refreshing sorbet in Sydney. The coconut and kaffir lime sorbet is perfect for a hot day, kids dig the passionfruit flavour, while naughty adults might like the booze-drenched strawberry Cointreau variety.

Gelateria dei Neri, Florence, Italy
The gelato is made slowly and surely by true artisans. Step away from the crowds and enjoy ‘ricotta e fiche’, ‘crema’ or the slightly more random ‘gorgonzola’ flavour.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St Louis, USA
If you love ice cream, you’ll adore rich and creamy frozen custard. This stand has been serving up vanilla custard in cones, floats and shakes since 1931!

Chin Chin Laboratorists, Camden, UK
For the more impatient ice cream devourers. Instead of churning and freezing, you’ll watch your chosen flavour of ice cream made right in front of you by lab coat-covered scientists using liquid nitrogen! Last week’s flavour: peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mmm.