Quick bathroom brighteners

Does the place where you wash look like it's going down the plughole? Follow The Living Room’s cheap and easy bathroom makeover tips...

Freshen up Believe it or not, what looks like a past-it shower screen could just be in need of a good old scrub. Refresh scummy showers with a cloth saturated with white vinegar, rinse, then polish.

Accessory upgrade It doesn’t cost much to replace old faucets, toilet brushes, roll holders, bins, soap dispensers and towel rails with shiny stainless steel ones.

Tile re-style You may not need to rip out all your tiles and start again. Some dated or stained tiles can be painted.

Ceram-chic If you do need new tiles, buy 200x200mm ceramic tiles – they’re easy to cut, cheap to buy and good to lay. Use tile spacers and wipe all grout on tiles away with a damp sponge.

Boost that bath Getting an expert to refinish or re-enamel your bath costs much less than a new one and is better for the environment.

Storage smart A wall-hung basin and shelf can give you more space than that old, huge, fitted vanity.

Go pro Although it’s recommended to hire tradespeople to play with the plumbing, you don’t ALWAYS need the experts. It’s actually really easy to install a new toilet yourself.

Paint perfect Bathrooms don’t have loads of wall space due to fittings, tiles and mirrors, so a new lick of water-resistant paint won’t cost you much.

Light up, light up Replace old, dated light fittings with energy efficient downlights to give the room a lift.

Cull the clutter How much do you really need in a bathroom? Keep the cosmetic clutter to a minimum!

Window dressing A new blind on the window can dictate a fresh new colour scheme and cover up an old, tired window.

Colour contrast Stark contrasts such as new charcoal floor tiles and bright white wall tiles may be all you need to distract from a dated bathroom suite.