Newcastles top haunts

Chris Brown shares his favourite places to hang out in his home city...

Scotties Chris claims that Scotties on Scott Street is the place for locals to go when they want to to scoff on a briny banquet. Scotties has a main restaurant, but our resident travel expert prefers to grab his crispy chips and battered fish at the side door and eat it on a bench outside.

4WDing Looking for a bit of action and adventure? The 2,500-hectare stretch of sand at Stockton Beach in Newcastle is a great place to enjoy some 4WDing.

Merewether Baths Believe it or not, this is the largest ocean baths complex in the Southern Hemisphere! Aquatic Novacastrians have been taking a morning dip here since 1935.

Nobby’s Beach Newcastle’s most famous beach is popular with locals and tourists looking for a picnic spot, but is perhaps best known as the spot where bulk carrier Pasha Bulker ran aground in 2007.

Sand surfing The dunes of Stockton Beach are very popular with little kids (and big kids) looking for some fun. With some measuring at a gobsmacking 50 metres high, it’s no surprise that they are the ultimate location for ‘sand surfing’.

Tap Dogs Newcastle is now developing a name for itself on the arts scene thanks to stage show ‘Tap Dogs’, inspired by the city itself. Creator Dein Perry brought the production to Newcastle in 1995 and it has since been featured in Aussie film Bootmen and produced on Broadway and in the West End!