New Years residence olutions

Want to turn over a new leaf chez toi this New Year? Here are our suggestions for ways you can change your home for the better…

Cushion crazy If you can’t afford to give a whole room a makeover, brighten it up with cushions. Mix and match different textures, colours, patterns and sizes and always make sure they’re fluffed up!

Flip focus Most people automatically make the TV the focal point of any room. In 2013, make your living area all about socialising and your bedroom all about sleeping (and other things!).

Appliance wise Appliances can make up 20% of your electricity bill! Energy efficient fridges, kettles etc will help you save money AND do your bit for the planet. And always switch off points that aren’t being used!

Recycle recycle Scour your local antiques market or op shop for old chairs, side tables and stools and think of ways to upcycle them. Painting, sanding, stencils, collage….

Perfect paint It might seem like a room needs a complete overhaul but all it requires is a fresh lick of paint. Go for neutral walls, but don’t be scared to experiment with an accent wall or a papered area.

Plant it Sometimes all it takes is a bit of green to make your home a more pleasant place. Pot plants around the house actually bring fresh energy and clean air too.

Do DIY You don’t need to hire someone to clean your gutters, strip back a wooden floor or create a piece of driftwood art to mount on your wall. Do it yourself!

Open up Feng shui dictates that you should often open your windows and let natural light into your home to improve the energy flow.

De-clutter One of the best ways to give your house a clean is to clear the clutter. Donate anything you don’t want or need to charity!

Stay safe Safety at home is of paramount importance. Start the New Year well by checking your locks are secure, your smoke detector works and that you have fire extinguishers handy.

Make a list Got loads of unfinished jobs at home? Write a ‘to do’ list and work your way through it, removing stains from carpets, washing old curtains and weeding the garden.

Self-serve Why not live off your land this New Year? Plant veggies and herbs in your garden and you’ll soon be bringing in fresh, organic produce all year round.