Miguel’s Top 6 Winter Warmer Recipes

Keep warm (and well-fed) this chilly season with Miguel's top 6 winter recipes

1. Cinnamon and Citrus Rice Pudding

Miguel knows that the cold weather means citrus fruit is now in season. He uses mandarins to add a fresh and fruity element to a traditional mouth-watering pudding

Miguels Winter Warmers

2. Ricotta Gnocchi with Burnt Butter

There's nothing better than a potato gnocchi to warm the tummy during winter. And remember, it's always a good idea to be generous with the burnt butter sauce!

Miguels Winter Warmers

3. Pea and Ham Soup

Miguel's classic pea and ham soup is comfort food at its best. Suffering with a winter sniffle? Curl up with a bowl of this and you'll feel better in no time!

Miguels Winter Warmers

4. Brisket Pie

If you're craving a hearty dish on a cold evening, look no further than Miguel's brisket pie. Let the flavours of the shiraz and beef brisket warm you from the inside out.

Miguels Winter Warmers

5. Jamaican Jerk Chicken

There's nothing like a hint of chilli to warm you up when the temperature drops! Add a little taste of summer to your wintry day with Miguel's jerk spiced chicken.

Miguels Winter Warmers

6. Alastair's Irish Stew and Colcannon

This incredible Irish stew is packed with big flavours like lamb, creamy potatoes and pickled cabbage so don't be surprised when you go back for seconds!

Miguels Winter Warmers