Miguel Interviewed

We posed some quick-fire culinary questions to Miguel to see what makes his Spanish taste buds tango

What’s your favourite healthy breakfast?

Fresh fruit salad with honey yogurt.

What are your three favourite ingredients and why?

Extra virgin olive oil, saffron and garlic.

What food trends do you think will be big this year?

Spanish, Mexican, modern Japanese and healthy orientated eateries – gluten free, sugar free etc.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?

Suckling pig at Botin, Madrid – the oldest restaurant in the world and of course my mum's Caldero.

If you could cook any ‘bromantic’ meal for Chris, what would it be and why?

Steamed chicken roulade with pumpkin puree and roasted balsamic grapes because it's his favourite meal, and sugar-free banana bread as he likes to eat very healthy.

Who would you most love to cook with in The Living Room?

Ricky Martin and Sofia Vergara.

What are your must-have pantry ingredients? Extra virgin olive oil, salt, rice, paprika, fresh bread and good wine.

Please can you give us your 3 top tips for each of the following:

•  Boiling an egg – fresh egg at room temperature, add when the water's boiling, soft centre – 6 minutes then straight into ice water to cool immediately.

•  Roasting a chicken – free range, wrap skin with good seasoning, make sure there are lots of herbs and garlic inside.

•  Making omelette – very hot pan, large knob butter, break eggs don’t whisk, don’t cook all the way through so it's moist, season.

•  Making a curry – use traditional spices, toast spices, mortle and pestle to grind, use coconut oil.

•  Making paella – good sofrito, bomba rice, cooked socarrada (crusty bottom).

•  Cooking with fish – fresh fish, cook till skin crispy, don’t garnish with rich sauces.

•  Making mashed potato – roast potatoes, pass through mouli with still hot, use lots of cream and butter and season properly, use dirty potatoes.

•  Cooking pasta – don’t put oil in water (doesn’t do anything), season water, save a little bit of cooking water to add to the sauce.

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