Little living

How to make the most of your tiniest living spaces…

Declutter nutter It’s tempting to hoard, but if you live in a small house, you must get rid of anything unnecessary. Regular clear-outs and tidying will make any room appear more spacious.

Size matters Scale your furniture; substitute your 6-seater dining table for a 4-seater, opt for lower-backed chairs and choose a 2-man love seat instead of a huge three-seater sofa to make any space seem less full.

More store Make every inch count with vertical storage from floor to ceiling and use hidden areas like under the stairs or the bed for drawers, cupboards or shelves.

Mirror mirror Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to visually increase the size of a room. Position these to reflect the most attractive yet minimalistic parts of the room.

Window flow Keep window areas clear to create a sense of space and to allow much-needed natural light in.

Colour cool Using lighter paint, wallpaper and floor coverings will make any tiny room seem brighter and more spacious. You don’t have to stick to whites – cool yellows, creams and greys work well too.

Art attack Believe it or not, large pieces of artwork can make a space seemingly grow in size. Go for a design that seems to have depth to make your little room seem bigger.

The great divide If you live in a studio, use dividers to create separate spaces without making the room seem pokier. Glass or metallic dividers are nifty ways to provide segregation without ‘filling’ the studio too much.

Crystal clear Clear furniture, such as glass ‘ghost’ chairs are a great way to create a sense of space in a room while still having all that must-have furniture.