Kyal and Kara Return to The Living Room

Kyal and Kara return to The Living Room for Season 6

Dynamic reno duo Kyal and Kara are back at it again this season, competing against The Living Room's design and colour consultant James Treble in a series of Design Challenges.

After renovating their home, Kyal and Kara decided they wanted to see just how good at this renovation caper they really are and auditioned for The Block on Nine Network.

Kyal says he is the “hardest worker ever” and Kara certainly doesn’t shy away from the heavy lifting. Although as a physiotherapist, she does tire of friends, family, casual acquaintances asking her to “have a look at” their aches and pains in her spare time.

Look out for Kyal and Kara as they go head-to-head with James on the home makeover front throughout the season.

The Living Room airs 7.30 Fridays on TEN