‘It Doesn’t End With Chris!’: Colin Fassnidge Stops By The Living Room For A Mini I’m A Celeb Flashback

Colin Fassnidge knew when he saw Chris Brown, blindfolds, and some cloches that trouble was brewing.

Having spent several weeks in the Aussie jungle during the last season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge was a fan favourite, feeding the camp and teaching several celebs the basics of cooking.

“It’s probably one of the best things I’ve done actually,” Colin told 10 play over the phone.

Spending time in the Aussie jungle gave Colin the opportunity to challenge peoples perceptions of him.

“After doing MKR for so long, eight years, people had this picture in their heads of this grumpy, horrible Irish person,” he said, laughing.

“I used to fight that but that’s basically your character on the show, that’s what you got paid to do and why I didn’t want to do it anymore. Then, when you do the jungle, everybody’s like, ‘Actually, your alright!’ I was like, I’ve been trying to say that for years!”

Colin said being able to cater for his campmates, despite having the bare minimum in terms of ingredients and equipment, allowed him to rediscover food’s ability to connect people.

“Cooking is my love,” he explained, “other people are afraid of it but, you start teaching them and they start to like it and then they get excited about what’s coming tomorrow. It was a good little bonding exercise.”

On the other hand, Colin also knows the tough side of the jungle — the trials Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown put the celebrities through. So when he was invited to The Living Room, and arrived to find Chris standing in front of some blindfolds and cloche dishes, he was on high alert.

“Nothing’s ever straight forward when I’m involved,” Colin said. “I’m like, here we go again. It just doesn’t end with Chris! He just wants to get one over me.”

Alongside Miguel in a takeaway challenge, Colin felt like he was about to get royally stitched up against the former King of the Jungle.

“Usually when they get Fassnidge in it’s to stitch him up,” the chef joked. “It’s never, ‘Let’s get him in and have a chat!’ But I’m quite happy to be stitched up, it makes things fun and I get to work with my good friend Miguel.

“But you’ve got an Irishman and a Spaniard on air… subtitles needed 101,” Colin added, laughing.

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