Interior trends for 2013

Get the TLR lowdown on fashion for your home this year…

Tropical fabrics It’s going to be summer all year round in the interior design industry! Jacinta Platt from Design Scout Kingscliff says: “Whether it’s a fabric or framed print, you need anything with a palm tree, a flamingo, parrots or a pineapple in your life right now.”

Fusion furniture Instead of a standard timber top table, try mixing and matching. Jacinta suggests: “Add a granite top to a metal frame or try a glass top with timber legs. Mix different finishes to create interest, such as recycled timber sleepers with a highly polished stainless steel base.”

Sculpture Sculptures and artefacts are often overlooked, but could be the very thing to make your home spectacular. Jacinta recommends investing in “either a sculpture itself or framed sculptural items”, adding: “It’s sometimes better to splurge on this than a framed piece of art.”

Multi-texture Jacinta reveals: “Create a more luxurious comfortable space with texture in any way you can – using grass weave wallpaper, Sisal chevron rugs or three-dimensional timber finishes.”

Emerald green We’ve followed the yellow brick road and it’s brought us to the emerald style city! Grab scatter cushions, dressers and throws in this vibrant hue.

Low maintenance materials It’s a-okay to make life a bit simpler by choosing practical furniture and furnishings. Jacinta says: “Polyester fabric is huge because it’s resilient and easier to clean than natural fibres. Similarly, highly polished timber furniture takes more work than more natural wood. The more organic, the less maintenance.”

Technicolour “2013 says no to colour blocking and keeping it simple,” says Jacinta. “Throw all the colours of the rainbow into a room and see what happens. Creativity and spontaneity make the journey fun!”

Enviro-friendly It’s so right now to get furniture and home accessories that are friendly to our earth. Try recycling furniture or buying furniture that has recycled elements to it. Also, show your support to people and companies who make eco products.

Minimal window treatment Jacinta reveals: “We’re no longer about emphasizing window treatment. Keep it neutral, simple and classic. You want the view out of your window or the interior of your room to be the feature.”

Wall coverings with impact The design world is swooning over large scale graphics. “Opt for digital prints instead of wallpaper,” warns Jacinta. “It's generally cheaper, much easier to apply and the options of graphics for a wall are endless. A large scale peacock feather, an a image of the sky or grass – use your imagination!”

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