How To: Make A DIY Bath Caddy

Feel like relaxing in the bath, but don't have anywhere to put your glass of champagne or a scented candle? Barry shares a quick and easy DIY for how to make a luxurious bath caddy!


  • Ryobi Jigsaw
  • Ryobi Sander
  • Ryobi Drill
  • Ryobi Planer
  • Ryobi Circular Saw
  • Ryobi Trimmer
  • Ryobi Mitre Saw
  • Pencil
  • Chisel
  • Tape measure


  • 1 x Rough sawn Hardwood timber sleeper
  • Hole saw


  1. Measure the width of your bath to work out what length the bath caddy needs to be. In the episode, Barry's bath was 800mm. Add an additional 200mm onto the width measurement of your bath, then measure and mark that measurement onto the piece of timber. The additional 200mm will give the bath caddy an additional 100mm of extra length on either side of the caddy so it can rest on the edge of the bath. Cut the bath caddy to size by using a mitre saw.
  2. Using the electric planer, plane the entire piece of timber, bottom and top.
  3. Rest the bath caddy on top of the bath in the position that it will be used. With a pencil, scribe the inside and outside edge of the bath along the bottom of the bath caddy.
  4. Check the marked rectangles you just made on the bottom of the bath caddy. Use a circular saw, with the blade set at 20mm deep, to cut multiple times roughly 15mm apart, from one side to the other side of the scribed rectangle. After that, use a chisel and a hammer to chisel out the cut slithers of timber.
  5. Mark the position of the hole where the wineglass will sit. Use a hole saw drill bit to drill out the hole.
  6. Measure the hole to find the centre and mark it on the edge of the bath caddy. Mark 5mm on either side of the centre mark and mark a line up to the cut out of the hole. Use a Jigsaw to cut out the 20mm rectangle connecting to the hole. Clean up the edges of the hole by using the trimmer.
  7. To trim a circle for a candle to sit in, work out the diameter of the candle that you want to sit in on the bath caddy. Measure, mark and cut out the hole out of a 16mm piece of plywood with a hole saw – this will be a jig to help recess a circle into the caddy. Clamp the jig down into the position where you want the candle to sit. Using the Ryobi trimmer, trim out the circle by using the jig to guide the trimmer around the jig moving inwards each full rotation of the trimmer, until the circle has been cut out.
  8. Mark the position of where the iPad will go by using a square and a pencil to mark out the straight line to the dimensions of 260mm long and 10mm wide.
  9. Cut the iPad line out. Cut the iPad line out by tilting the circular saw blade to 30 degrees towards the left if you’re cutting left to right. Cut 3 lines in the marked area with the 30-degree angle. Use a chisel to notch out the narrow slices of timber.
  10. Use the Ryobi trimmer to trim around the edges, creating a smooth curved edge.
  11. Use a sander to sand the bath caddy to a smooth finish, sanding all over until completely smooth.
  12. Clearcoat the bath caddy with Bondall 1L Monocel All Purpose Timber Sealer I/N: 1580932 by using either a rag or by brush.