How To Feel Like You're On A Holiday In Self Isolation

Kids bored? You bored? Resorting to TikTok to keep yourselves entertained during this time of social distancing but just can’t manage that one tricky move? We got you.

Before you pull something trying to do that viral dance move with the family, maybe there is a better way.

It could be time to embrace the outdoors (yep, even now!). We’ve pulled together our top five family entertainment ideas that don’t involve you trying to bust a move out (or break a leg).

Believe us when we say, you’ll thank us one day.


While you’re unable to head out of town for that camping under the stars family getaway, if you’ve got a garden (or even a good-sized balcony), you’ve got a campsite (and let’s face it, the toilets are a lot nicer at home!)

You can grab a tent for four people for less than $100 these days - try one of these on for size - and it’s easy to start your own campsite at home.

Now is the time to put up the tent in the backyard. Image: Supplied

For Mum and Dad, some throw rugs and a cooler filled with drinks while the nights aren’t too cold are a must, for the kids, pack the tent with torches, iPads for movie night, midnight snacks and some supervision if you think they’ll be up til dawn.

Mozzies, tantrums, shadow puppets and sand in the sleeping bag are also options to make the experience more “true to life”.


If you’re backyard camping and want to ramp things up, a fire pit (complete with marshmallows of course) is a great option, especially for these autumnal nights (once you check your state’s fire restrictions of course).

Outdoor firepit
Enjoy some warmth in the outdoors with a firepit. Image: Supplied

You can pick one up for next to nothing, set her up and sit back as you and the fam tell each other secrets or scare each other with ghost stories.

Nothing says “we’re a family and we’re having fun” like Dad telling that one about the…. Nah, we won’t spoil it!


It’s not a holiday until you’ve had a game of camp cricket. And now you’re camping at home, the backyard is your cricket pitch, right?

Grab yourself a set like this and you and yours can also take it to the park or beach once all of this isolation business is over... Just remember, over the fence is six and out!


While we all know that right now you can only go out for exercise and shopping, why not combine the two and ride a bike to the shops? Or alternatively, simply ride to and from -- and around --the park or oval with the family and really burn those extra meals off (am I right? Our Iso diets are not going well…)

Bike Riding
Get the legs moving on a daily bike ride. Image Credit: Supplied

Pedal power is very fuel efficient, of course, so riding a bike is great for the environment. Now could be the time to teach the kids to ride without stabilizers.

Oh, and if the adults in the family are needing a bit more help, e-bikes are a good option too.


Something fun for all ages, scooter riding is a.) easier than walking and b.) something kids can do in skate parks that will give you grey hair.

You can decide which one of those seems best for you and your family, but either way a scooter is heaps of fun -- whether it’s out in the park or simply on the pavement as you take the family out for some daily exercise.

You don’t have to be worried for knees, elbows and heads if you take proper precautions, and… for extra incentive, just know that getting to work will be much more fun if you master a scooter before you’re allowed back to the office.

Featured image: Supplied