How to create the ultimate clubhouse

10 steps to creating an ace space for your gaming groupies…

Step 1: Taste schmaste A games room is a place for fun, so don’t worry about the décor being too tasteful or classy. Pick a theme to help you decorate – your sports club, Hawaiian, pub or Vegas perhaps?

Step 2: Clutter cull Yes, it would be great to have a ping pong table, darts board and array of board games in this area, but try not to squeeze too much into one place. If you’ve only got a small space, keep it as a simple video game room with a stash of EA Sports games to keep the kids (and you) entertained.

Step 3: Clever comfort When furnishing your clubhouse, gaming expert Brad from EA Sports says that "it’s all about the comfort". Get a selection of comfy chairs such as sofas and beanbags and scatter large cushions on the floor to ensure there will be enough seating for everyone.

Step 4: Arty crafty Put your stamp on the room with handmade touches – create a collage of sports team stickers on a table or customise your favourite stool with a lick of paint.

Step 5: Rad retreat Make sure the room that you’re turning into your clubhouse is a true escape – it should be relaxing and away from the busiest part of the house. A garage, basement, attic or shed is ideal.

Step 6: Cent-ertainment The focus of this room should be entertainment, so trying to decorate the space around a bed won’t be easy. If you need your clubhouse to be a place where people can sleep, invest in a sofa bed.

Step 7: Screen dream Don’t always go for the biggest TV screen – a huge plasma in a small room is only damaging to your eyes.

Step 8: Snack attack Brad says: "Keep some snacks in your clubhouse. It will be just like real football, with halftime drinks and snacks!" Great games room nibbles include rice crackers, oranges, nuts and cookies.

Step 9: Have some décor-um Make sure you choose lively colours to keep energy levels in the room up. We’re thinking bright, inspiring posters on the walls and vivid coloured cushions on the sofa.

Step 10: Light up Check your clubhouse has good lighting. Include lamps for atmosphere while chilling out with friends, but brighter downlights for practicality while having a games marathon.