How to create a parents retreat

Have a romantic, kid-free sanctuary with these top tips…

Bed emphasis The parents’ bed is so much more than just a place for you to pass out at the end of the day! It should be a spot where you long to recline, snooze, or do other things! Make yours the focus of the room with soft fabrics, beautiful cushions and a supportive mattress.

Grow up Create a strictly ‘adult’ space – think minimal furniture, sophisticated artwork, a shagpile rug, a comfortable chair, a fireplace and lots of books.

The magic number Your master suite is all about you and your partner. Think of everything in pairs – lamps for two, a bathtub for two, gowns for two, bedside tables for two, shower heads for two! You get the gist.

Atmospheric chic Make sure the aura in your bedroom and/or bathroom is designed to aid relaxation or passion. Think soft lighting, lots of scented candles and fresh flowers.

Rules is rules Tell the children that mum and dad’s room is off limits for them and their toys! This will enable you to keep your ‘quarters’ as a sanctuary and will teach the little ones to respect you and the time you have alone.

Colour me beautiful If you want your retreat to be somewhere for unwinding, adopt cool, calming colours when decorating. If you want yours to be a boudoir of passion and romance, go for a deeper, more vibrant décor.

Priva-scene If there’s one thing children aren’t good at noticing, it’s their parents’ need for privacy! Make sure your bedroom suite has good curtains and locks on the right doors to avoid untimely barging in.

Time out Make sure you and your other half try and take regular periods to retire to your area. This could be a lazy afternoon of reading while the kids are at friends’ houses, an early night or a Sunday morning lie-in.