From factory to fork

The Living Room’s luscious list of workshops where you can learn to make your own gourmet fare…

Cheese Indulge in a cheesemaking masterclass with Kris Lloyd. In a rustic venue, she’ll take you through the step-by-step process of making traditional feta. You’ll also learn the art of matching cheese with wine. $145 per person Woodside Cheese - Adelaide Hills, SA

Gelato With this intro to gelato, you’ll discover Messina’s philosophy and the science behind their ice cream production. Throughout the workshop, you’ll feast on the yummiest ice creams in flavours such as dulce de leche, Italian nougat or pear and rhubarb. $120 for 3 hours Gelato Messina - Darlinghurst and Rozelle, NSW

Bread Adults and kids can learn all about traditional artisan bread-making processes from the experts. You’ll cover fermentation, mixing, kneading, hand-moulding,baking and loafs more! $150 for 3 hours Brasserie Bread - Sydney and Melbourne

Chocolate Become a master chocolatier - learn how to temper chocolate, make chocolate fillings and become a learned student on the history and varieties of chocolate. Plus, you can take home everything you make! $130 for 4 hours Sissys - Blackburn, VIC

Wine Start with a walk through the vineyard and learn how the grapes grow, then enjoy a wine-making tutorial with the cellarmaster. You’ll know it all about vino; how it’s born, blended and bottled! $50 for 2 hours Hunter Valley Wine School - Hunter Valley, NSW

Cakes Whether you want to undertake cake-making as a hobby or profession, this place is for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are loads of courses like piping, cupcakes, macarons and novelty cakes! From $125, from 1 day Cake Love Couture - Wembley, WA

Coffee Learn the basics of grinding coffee, frothing milk and putting artistic finishing touches on your capp or latte. Slurp! $120 for 3 hours Barista Basics - Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney