Fabulous 50s

How to achieve flawless 50s décor in your home…

Colours In this decade, homeowners loved either pastel tones (bubblegum pink, baby blues and mint green), primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and more neutral Scandanavian hues (brown, tan).

Patterns Bold motifs and prints were thrown into every home in the 1950s. Common patterns were stripes, stars, polka dots, animal prints, abstract and geometric designs.

Furniture Vinyl, chrome and basketweave chairs and formica-topped tables were fashionable. Most people went for simple, clean-lined furniture, but they liked their bold, striking colours.

Design Open-plan living was introduced around this time and it’s amazing how much of an impact it has made, as most people designing houses nowadays also opt for an open-plan layout.

Floors Lots of people chose to cover their floors in lino in funky patterns and colours. Chequerboard vinyl was also a favourite.

MaterialsThe 50s interior materials of choice were PVC, chrome, formica, fibreglass, vinyl, wood and melamine. Lots of these materials have remained trendy.

ExtrasHouseholds were filled with chrome appliances, Tupperware storage, oversized clocks, neon lights, American diner-style jukeboxes, huge fridges and swing bins around 1950.