Chris and Miguels best bits of Chile

Chris and Miguel said “adios” to the pets and the pans and threw themselves into Chilean culture. Here are their fave parts of this amazing South American country:

Surfer dude-ing
The boys met up with two local surfers, including the country’s number one pro wave rider Ramon Navarro.

Riding the waves
After watching the experts do their thing, Chris and Miguel hit the waves at prime surf spot Punta De Lobos, where the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational event is held.

Chile-ing out
Chris and Miguel enjoyed being lads of leisure, relaxing at Pichilemu surf town and hanging out at their lodge (

Hitching a heli
Chris and Miguel headed up into the Andes mountains (the second highest mountains in the world!) in a chopper to enjoy some breathtaking views of glaciers. Chris got his tongue stuck on a piece of ice, while the altitude for once left Miguel lost for words!

Skiing the slopes
Although Chris and Miguel weren't spotted on the show having snow much fun (sorry), Chile is considered the best place in South America for skiing (from mid-June to September).

Chile chow
Miguel was in his element when he served up a traditional Chilean ‘asado’ BBQ to the locals at the colonial Andino Lodge ( His guests feasted on chilli corn, tomato and onion sauce ‘pebre’ and charred lamb cutlets with jalapeno and mint. Delish!

Boogie boys
Our duo enjoyed watching (and joining) a live traditional band and also learned how to dance the ‘cueca’, which plays out the courtship of a chicken and a rooster! Start pecking, boys!

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