Challenging chow

Get your mouths around Australia’s biggest and baddest tucker trials…

The snag drag
Massive Wieners, Melbourne
In Miguel’s sausage challenge at the Prahan eaterie during Friday night’s ep, he could have opted for the 3-inch 'Little Pecker' or the 6-inch 'Average Joe', but he went for the huge 12-inch 'Massive Wiener'.

The sushi stake
Wagaya, Haymarket
This Sydney sushi joint injects some humour into their Japanese food. If you select their 'sushi roulette' off the menu, you’ll receive six rolls of sushi; five normal, one with enough wasabi to cause you physical pain!

The burger battle
Cavendish café, Horsham
Anyone who can devour this 4kg burger within an hour gets their money back, but unsurprisingly, nobody’s come close. As this huge burger contains three days-worth of calories, perhaps that’s a good thing.

The wagyu war
The Old Brewery, Perth
The Tomahawk steak in this Perth pub can weigh anything from 1.4kg to 2.7kg. Do you think you could polish off a whole one?

The curry combat
Le Taj, West Melbourne
This Indian restaurant’s menu grades their curries by chilli pepper symbols. The Bhut Jolokia curry, made from the hottest chilli pepper in the world, boasts FIVE.

The schnitzel hell
Essen Restaurant, Sydney
Upon ordering the 'Schnitzilla' at this German beerhaus, you’ll get 3.5kg of yummy breadcrumbed chicken, potato rosti and cabbage delivered to your table. Don’t feel too pressured to polish off the lot, as you can take home any leftovers.

The Mexican mission
Taco Bill, Windsor
Until the end of this month, you can qualify to join this food joint’s burrito fundraising face-off. Whoever wins the The Big Willi Eating Challenge, by eating 2.5kg of Mexican food in less than 35 minutes, will get $500 and a trophy, plus the honourable sacrifice of stuffing themselves stupid all in the name of charity.

The ramen amen
Komachi Ramen, Surry Hills
Are you game enough to take this restaurant’s 'Challenge Ramen'? If you can finish their enormous bowl of noodle broth within 60 minutes, you’ll get your meal free, a $50 voucher AND you’ll join the meagre 22 people (out of hundreds) who have made it onto the winner’s board!