A to Z of international eats

Let us take you on a meal-phabetical tour of the world…



A is for Arepas


From: Venezuela
A round, unleavened dough patty topped with meat, shrimp, cheese, salad or eggs.



B is for Bobotie


From: South Africa
A dish made from spiced minced meat and dried fruit with a savoury egg custard topping.



C is for Ceviche


From: Peru
Fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices and topped with chilli, onion and sometimes herbs.



D is for Dosa


From: India
A pancake made from rice batter and lentils, sometimes stuffed and served with sambar and chutney.



E is for Escargots


From: France
Land snails cooked in garlic butter and put back in their shells to be served as an entrée.



F is for Fondue


From: Switzerland
Gooey melted cheese with garlic, wine and kirsch, served with bread and raw veggies for dunking.



G is for Goulash


From: Hungary
A meat stew seasoned with paprika, garlic and tomato and sometimes served with potatoes.



H is for Haggis


From: Scotland
Animal’s stomach stuffed with a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, oatmeal, spices and suet.



I is for Irish stew


From: Ireland
A traditional, slow-cooked stew made from lamb, potatoes and onions.



J is for Jambalaya


From: USA
A chicken, smoked sausage and seafood peppery rice dish originating from Louisiana.



K is for Kebab


From: Middle East
Meat (traditionally lamb) cooked on a skewer and often served with various sauces, bread and salad.



L is for Laksa


From: Malaysia
A spicy soup with thick noodles and either a coconut curry or sour fish base.



M is for Muamba


From: Gabon
A spicy chicken dish flavoured with palm tree fruit, pumpkin and okra.



N is for Nata


From: Portugal
Sweet egg custard pastry tart baked until brown and sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon.



O is for Ostkaka


From: Sweden
A cheesecake with a firm consistency and creamy almond taste usually eaten lukewarm with jam and cream.



P is for Paella


From: Spain
Saffron white rice dish made with a selection of ingredients such as seafood, snails, vegetables and meat.



Q is for Quebec poutine


From: Canada
A popular fast food dish consisting of French fries topped with gravy and curd cheese.



R is for Risotto


From: Italy
Creamy rice usually containing butter, wine, herbs, garlic and onion with a meat, fish or vegetable base.



S is for Sauerkraut


From: Germany
Shredded, fermented cabbage with a sour taste, often served with sausages and potatoes.



T is for Tzatziki


From: Greece
A sauce made from strained yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt and sometimes herbs, served cold with bread.



U is for Udon


From: Japan
A thick wheat-flour noodle usually served in a broth topped with vegetables, tempura or tofu.



V is for Vatapa


From: Brazil
Bread, shrimp, coconut milk, palm oil and peanuts mashed into a paste and served with rice.



W is for Wienerschnitzel


From: Austria
A thin, breaded and deep fried schnitzel made from veal – this is the country’s national dish.



X is for Xoi


From: Vietnam
A sweet or savoury dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients.



Y is for Yorkshire pudding


From: England
Usually served with roast beef and gravy, this dish is made from batter roasted in meat dripping.



Z is for Zurek


From: Poland
Potatoes, Polish sausage and egg dish, sometimes served with mushrooms.