A Message From Barry

Barry shared some news with the Living Room family tonight

Hello friends, I am sure my announcement on The Living Room tonight that my cancer has returned was a shock for many of you. After living six years in remission, it was a shock for my family and I too.

I am confident that the next part of my life will be another great adventure and a story to tell, with ups, downs, hurdles and happiness, fear of the unknown and joy. For me, these are the ingredients that have made for a beautiful life so far.

The support my family and I have been shown by Network Ten and my Production team is overwhelming, and I am incredibly lucky to have Amanda, Chris and Miguel in my life, as well as all my other beautiful friends.

On Friday nights, many of you invite us into your homes. It’s a relaxing laugh, and we tell a story or two, and give some ideas for a fun life. I love it. It reminds me of growing up, of being a kid sitting around the dining table with my family, safe with the people I love, telling stories of the week. That sense of belonging, love, trust, security is what family is all about. There is no doubt about it, we are a family on The Living Room and you are all a special part of that family.

I will do my best to bring you a segment every week and join my friends on The Living Room lounge.

I have just started my third cycle of chemotherapy and although I am responding to treatment well, life will get tougher leading up to Christmas. In December, I will have a Stem Cell and Bone Marrow retrieval, after which I will have a very strong dose of chemotherapy around Christmas, followed by the transfer of new stem cells and marrow.

I have always backed myself and believe a strong and positive attitude will beat most things.

A sad fact is that one in three people are diagnosed with Cancer. I hope that by sharing this life adventure with you, it may give others, including those supporting friends and family with cancer, strength as well.

Love to all of you for your messages and beautiful thoughts,

Baz x