A Long Hot Living Room Summer

Make the most of your summer with our expert food, travel, home and pet tips

 'You Beaut' BBQ Recipes

The Living Room Australia season 6 2017 channel ten 10

This summer, Miguel wants you to look beyond the fail-safe BBQ combo, steak and sausages, and try some exciting flavour alternatives. Think Garlic Chicken with a zingy cauliflower tabouli (pictured above), or smoky BBQ Lamb Ribs.

Side dishes also get a taste reboot, with a fresh Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad (pictured below) and a Crunchy Asian Slaw just two standout options for complimenting your main meal.

The Living Room Australia season 6 2017 channel ten 10

See more of Miguel's best barbie recipes.

Protect Your Pets

Our furry friends love summer as much as we do, but just like us they too need help coping with the blazing Aussie heat. As temperatures flare, Dr Chris has some tips for keeping pets happy and healthy in the warmer months.

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To protect your four legged friend from sunburn (yes, dogs get burnt too!) apply a child-safe SPF 30 to 50 to their sensitive skin areas: nose, earflaps, belly, and any shaved or bare patches. Prevent heat stroke by avoiding exercise in the midday heat (stick to early mornings or evenings) and cooling your pooch down with a cold wet towel.

Hit The Beach

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He's a Bondi Vet by trade, but Chris is a surfer dude at heart and more than qualified to select Australia's top beaches. Looking to venture further afield? Check out The Living Room's Travel Guide To Australia.

Do It Yourself

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The summer break is a great time to tackle all those little tasks around the house that have been neglected all year. Check out the short and sweet Quickie videos on the Homes page for DIY tips, tricks and inspiration to keep you occupied this silly season.