A Guide To Updating Your Home In Iso Without Knocking Down Walls

We get it, you’re sick of looking at your four walls right now.

After all, being stuck inside is no fun, and even the least creative types among us are having reno/décor thoughts, right?

Well, before you knock down anything you shouldn’t or paint a feature wall you will instantly regret, we’ve got some hints for you.

Rugs. Yep. Hear us out.

You see rugs can instantly change the way your room looks and feels - and all without losing your rental bond or dropping paint on the sofa.

The simplistic approach of a rug makes a homely feel. Image: Carpet Court

Jane Thomson, Sydney based interior designer, stylist and media presenter, said rugs instantly add warmth and personality -- and that’s not all.

“Adding a rug to an open plan living area, say living or dining, can allow you to define areas,” she told 10 daily.

“Often, large open plan spaces can look a tad lost. And the humble rug makes for a good interior lynch pin to your space. It adds another layer, and a delineation of living spaces.”

Once the rug is in place, you can move your furniture around it.

Arranging your sofa and occasional chairs around a rug, you'll instantly feel the space is more definitive, and the occupant feels more connected.

Then of course, there is the colour you can add with a rug. A white room with neutral furniture may look chic, but a pop of colour never hurt anyone. So rather than getting out the brushes, check out Jane’s advice.

“Rather than painting your walls and coping with all the annoying mess and prep work, look for a rug that resonates with your personal colour vibe, and instead of making the wall your fave colour use the rug to tell your colour story,” she suggested.

An instant splash of colour gives a fresh feel to any room. Image: Carpet Court

“A block colour is best for busy spaces with lots of furniture and pattern. Similarly a highly patterned and colour rich rug is best for more neutral palate.

"Team scatter cushions with a splash of the colour in your rug and hey presto a new colourful room without the mess, fumes and prepwork… and arguments!”

If you’re in a share house and you’re not willing to splash the cash to get some colour in your living area, don’t forget the luxury of having a rug in your bedroom. Jane’s a big fan, and we are too.

“Don’t be shy, rugs in bedrooms look and feel wonderful. Not only adding interest, but a far more grandiose feeling of sanctuary and comfort," Jane said.

“Be sure to place the rug width ways, though, so there’s enough bare floor or carpet to allow your bedside tables to sit comfortably.”

A rug can make that finishing touch on your bed. Image: Carpet Court

Her designer tip for making sure you make the most of your new look?

“Pop 65 per cent of the rug underneath the bed… so you have enough rug to accommodate your tooties on a cold winter morning to the side at of the bed and also enough to the end of the bed," she said.

"Big payoff is that it looks well considered and gorgeous, makes sense and make you look like a style queen... or king.”

All without knocking down a wall or opening a can of paint! Perfect.

Feature image: Carpet Court