8 ways to quirkify your pad

Want your home to be as unique as you? Follow our lead...

Think vintage Give your living space a historic edge. An old typewriter on your desk, an antique birdcage hanging in a bathroom or a retro radio on your bedside table, perhaps?

Personalit-easy Try to choose furniture and decorations that bring your personality to life. Express yourself through a statement lamp, a vibrant rug or an interesting piece of art.

Knick knack whack Do you have items from another country, that look outlandish or that tell a story? Put them on display!

Calm down It’s pretty likely you’ll overload your house guests if you paper a whole wall in leopard print. Try to keep your eccentricity on the tasteful side.

Special sniffs To attack senses other than sight with your unique décor style, fill your home with original smells! Place dried citrus fruits in bowls, simmer cinnamon and apple in water on the stove or fill jam jars with rosemary (symbolising love) or lavender (to encourage a sense of calm).

DIY décor Call yourself creative? Then make your some statements! Sew your own kitsch cushions, put together a customised collage table, fashion a funky ceiling mobile, make a clock out of an old bike wheel!

Colour me quirkiful If you have a wild, colourful creature inside that just needs to burst out, unleash it on just one room! You can deck this space out from head to toe in green, purple, or black. If you want to.

Dare to be different If you want your home to be original, don’t choose furniture that everyone else has. We’re thinking a corduroy sofa, a patchwork chair, a crooked set of shelves.