7 steps to an urban home

Channel urban chic with our quick style steps…

Step 1: Back to black The colour black is huge in urban décor right now, whether it be in paint, wallpaper, fabric, art or hand finishes like kitchen cabinetry. Jacinta Platt, owner of new store Design Scout Kingscliff says: "Black is a scary colour to use but does amazing things for a home. Use it subtly or go wild!"

Step 2: Unfinish everything If you want to funk up your interiors, unfinished furniture is a must. We're talking unpolished timber or exposed metal legs that haven’t been sprayed. Jacinta suggests: "In 'urban', we embrace imperfections – we work with what we have as opposed to always purchasing new."

Step 3: Eclectic chic "Going for the urban look is about being fun and eclectic," reveals Jacinta. "Don't take your interiors too seriously – add fun spurts of colour and mix all your finishes. We want stainless steel, timber, laminate, paint, chalkboards." It will all work - be bold!

Step 4: Dash not cash Styling an edgy room is not about spending thousands but about getting creative! Jacinta says: "We are not going for the 'vintage' look, but taking advantage of what's around us. Take kids' toys for example – arrange a few toy soldiers or a racing track in an interesting geometric pattern on your wall. This is urban creativity."

Step 5: Texture talent We love texture and it works so well within an urban scheme. Jacinta suggests "reupholstering the lounge with a chunky weave fabric, adding dimension to a chair with a knitted charcoal throw or creating depth with a textured rug". The more interest you can create, the better – whether it be through fabric, artwork or furniture!

Step 6: Light up Feature lighting is popular in urban décor. Jacinta says: "Invest in a big statement floor lamp or install pendant lights in one room."

Step 7: Arty smarty Don't leave solitary pieces of art on walls – they like to hang out in a posse! "Grouped artwork is one way of nailing the urban look," reveals Jacinta. "Gather different styles of art and hang them together on the same wall."

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