6 Meals For Under $100

Feeding a family on a tight budget can be challenging. Miguel shows you how to prepare five simple dinner recipes that will feed a family of four for under $100, and even has enough money left to make a special dessert

Miguel's $100 Shopping List

1 leek
1 brown onion
2 heads of garlic
1kg Arborio rice
1 zucchini
1 bunch asparagus
500g frozen peas
375g tub ricotta
1 bunch mint
2 lemons
1 jar dried oregano
1 jar smoked paprika
900g deboned leg of lamb
1 cauliflower
1 Lebanese cucumber
200g tub of Greek yoghurt
1 loaf Turkish bread
1 x 170g tin tomato paste
1 x 200g packet feta
1 Spanish onion

150g baby spinach
½ free range dozen eggs
1 bunch parsley
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
1kg whole chicken
1 x 680g jar passata
½ red cabbage
1 x 400g can kidney beans
300mL sour cream
1 lime
1 packet 10 small tortillas
1 250g bag grated tasty cheese
1 x 425g canned tuna in olive oil
500g bag of spiral pasta
1L milk
300mL thickened cream
1 jar ground cinnamon
1 kg frozen mixed berries

This list doesn’t include basic kitchen staples such as sugar, oil, salt, pepper, butter, stock cubes and condiments.

Download Miguel's $100 Shopping List


Monday: Spring Risotto

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Tuesday: Lamb and Spinach Turkish Pizza

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Wednesday: Lamb and Spinach Turkish Pizzas

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Thursday: Chicken Tacos

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Friday: Tuna Pasta Bake

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Dessert: Rice Pudding With Berry Compote

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