10 timber tips for your home

Think wood is good? Follow these rules to perfecting the timber look chez toi…

Natch match Jacinta Platt from Design Scout Kingscliff warns people not to buy every item of furniture in the same style and colour timber. “Timber is special,” she reminds us. “Each piece should be unique.”

Green guru Jacinta warns: “Be eco-friendly with timber - you are using the earth’s gifts. Look into products such as pre-finished panels or reclaimed timber to make furniture, floors or walls.”

Fairweather friend Hardwood for the garden might look beautiful when you buy it, but can weather to a dull grey within a few months due to rain, wind and sun. Buy offcuts and leave them outside to see how they age.

Log slog Can’t afford timber in your house on a large scale? Jacinta suggests adding small wooden touches. “Use driftwood as a sculpture, neatly arrange firewood or put tortured willow stocks in a vase.”

Clever contrast If you want a timber floor AND timber furniture, obey these rules from Jacinta. “If you use a honey coloured timber floor like spotted gum, try using darker or lighter timber furniture. Dark on dark or light on light will blend too much and stop you appreciating each item.”

Tile style Some frown on wood in bathrooms, but Jacinta says you can achieve a timber earthy look here. She reveals: “If used sparingly, one column of timber mosaic tiles can be an effective feature.”

Lumber knack Once you’ve got timber, make sure you know how to care for it. Can you use polish on it? Should you let it get damp? Can you use scented oil to keep it smelling fresh?

Mix it up Timber all over is too much. Jacinta suggests: “Try a coffee table with a recycled timber top and a metal frame or a wooden dining table with treated legs but a painted top.”

Fire defy-er If you live in a bushfire prone area, decking must comply with building standards. Don’t plant too many shrubs around your deck because they can act as ladder fuels and seal your timber with a non-combustible product.

Wooden wall You can definitely use timber on walls or ceilings. Jacinta says: “If you want to get creative, look at laser cut timber panels – either just a few panels as artwork or as a feature wall or ceiling.”

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