10 steps to balcony feng shui

Forget inner chi! Here are our top tips to, erm, outer chi...

Step 1: Spruce up Keep your balcony clean of dust and dirt. Continue the fumigation by occasionally burning candles and incense sticks or filling vases with aromatic herbs.

Step 2: Bag jaggedness Feng shui dictates that you should never have sharp edges and corners or rigid lines. Instead, promote a good flow of chi with curved forms and rounded edges.

Step 3: Can the clutter Don’t overcrowd your balcony. Clearing the area of rubbish and clutter will also help you clear your mind.

Step 4: Size up Keep everything in proportion – if you have a small outdoor space, get cute little seats and cushions so that it doesn't look too cramped.

Step 5: Screen and shield Feng shui states that it is negative to feel watched by people. Protect yourself from prying eyes with high-growing plants like bamboo, but don’t block out all the natural sunlight.

Step 6: Get green Plants promote wellbeing and help stimulate natural gas on a balcony area, so pick your greenery carefully. Evergreen camellia is a typical feng shui plant.

Step 7: Serene sniff Retain a sense of tranquillity with calming smells such as a lavender bush or scented candles.

Step 8: Guard-en Look after your potted plants with regular watering and sunshine. Some feng shui experts recommend that you keep them in terracotta containers.

Step 9: Balcony balance Embrace the feminine 'Yin' with soothing colours such as white and blue and soft textures like cushions. Even this out with the active, masculine 'Yang' with bold reds and solid furniture.

Step 10: Hone zones Feng shui encourages setting up small spaces to promote companionability. Make sure your balcony has a ‘relationship zone’, a seating area where you can hang out with loved ones.