10 home trends for 2012

The Living Room spills all the secrets of interior design this year..

1. Refined style It’s out with the industrial and in with the classical this year! Interiors are more refined, with polished timbers and clean chair legs as opposed to rusty, shabby metals.

2. Ghost chairs Each piece of furniture should tell a story and there’s no better trend tale than that of stainless steel ghost chairs, so polished that they look like mirrors. Interior designer Jacinta Platt says: “We’ve all seen ghost chairs in coloured acrylics, but in 2012 we are having a new take on them in stainless steel.”

3. Crafty chic In this current climate, it’s important not to waste ANYTHING– we’re thinking handmade throws, patched-up cushions and recycled ceramics.

4. Colour incorporating 2012 is all about neutral staple furniture with splashes of wild hues thanks to books, statement art pieces, vases and cushions. Jacinta adds: “The colour of the season is orange in every shade; burnt orange, terracotta and tangerine.” Add texture with a custom lampshade in a heavy weave or a daring Easton Pearson designer rug.

5. True romance The romantic style never seems to go out of fashion – white textiles, floral motifs, elegant artwork and fresh flowers. Perfect to get you in the mood for lurrrve.

6. Kitchen detailing Designers in 2012 are screaming about minimal, sleek kitchens with smart details. It’s farewell to handles and hello to 45-degree finger pulls. People are also incorporating architectural shadow lines to make their cooking space look bigger and classier.

7. Neon punches Are you daring enough to introduce fluorescent green, yellow or pink into your interior? These fresh new accents will give your home the wow factor it deserves.

8. Classic stripes You can't beat them if you want to make a bold statement. Jacinta suggests: “Go for wide black-and-white striped fabric for impact.” Prefer to play it safe? Use a smaller ticking stripe or self-stripe in a beige, light mushroom or cream.

9. Wallpaper-fect After a long hiatus, it’s official that wallpaper is hot, hot, hot! Do you want to influence the mood of your room with a geometric, floral or retro print? Chat to a wallpaper specialist if you need direction.

10. Well-defined wood Timbers with a pronounced grain with lighter stains will give your living space both contrast and interest.