Paw-se And Read Why The Dog House Will Be Your New Favourite Show

Our new feel good documentary series, The Dog House, delves into a rural British Dog Rescue Centre, who are committed to matching homeless dog’s with their new owners.

You’ll bear witness to the abandonment, adoption and adoration which takes place between rescue dogs and their new owners.

So, SIT! Stayyyy….. and keep reading to see why you must watch this show. We promise it’ll be a real treat!

It’s the Paw-fect Show For Isolation!

During these unprecedented times when people may feel lonely, afraid and anxious, nothing will pull at the heart-strings more than watching abandoned puppies find happiness when they meet their prospective owners for the first time. Will the nervous dog come out of its shell? Will there be an instant connection? Will their lives be changed forever? All of the above! We guarantee it will put the biggest puppy smile on your face.

The Show Is Cute AF

Every single doggo will either have you squealing, aww-ing or crying (or all three!) at your screen the entire way through!

Better Understand Dog Rescue Centres

Did you know there are nearly 9 MILLION dogs in Britain, and most don’t have a home? Neither did we. Thankfully, there are rescue centres dedicated to filling the void which only a pet, or owner, can fill. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of these centres and witness firsthand just how tirelessly the staff work to ensure each dog finds a compatible owner and a lifelong home.

You Can Watch It With Your Pup

If you have a dog at home, it only seems fair that in between MasterChef and Have You Been Paying Attention, you give them some solid content they will also enjoy watching! And, if you don’t already have a dog…

The Show Will Make You Want One!

Everyone needs some puppy love in their life!

Tune in to the brand-new series, The Dog House premiering Saturday, May 16 at 7pm