Meet Lolla

Get to know Lolla, the sweet and loving Bullmastiff mix from Season 3 of The Dog House Australia.

My name is Lolla...

I’ve been in the shelter for 18 days. I am a 7 year 7 month old desexed female Bullmastiff mix. My colour is white.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Lolla was transferred to AWL earlier this year. She was adopted quite quickly, however was brought back 3 months later, as her new owner couldn’t handle her being so strong.


  • Very sweet and loving nature.
  • Can be timid in new situations and may need time to assess her surroundings.
  • Calm and placid energy.


  • Loves cuddles at any time of day.
  • Enjoys wrestling in the yard with her handler.
  • Likes to meet and play with other dogs.


  • Her name is Lolla
  • She is over 7 years old
  • She’s a large Bullmastif


  • Desexed and microchipped. Vaccinated.
  • Metacarpals – pain meds, radiographs. Hip dysplasia. Old fracture that’s healing. ¼ lame. (4 is the lamest). Fractured her 2nd and 3rd metacarpal and may need further x-rays/treatment in the future.