Meet Lara

Get to know Lara, the sociable Siberian Husky from Season 1 of The Dog House Australia.

Meet Lara, she is a 1-year-old, mixed-breed Siberian Husky.

This is what Lara's carers have to say about her:

Lara is an energetic and loving girl. She loves to play with people and dogs. All Lara wants is to be provided with fluffy toys, water to play in and plenty of love and affection. She lives up to her arctic breed traits and is very active.

Here's a little bit more about her:


Lara was brought into the AWL as a stray with an injured paw.


  • She's a wild child and a free spirit – a typical husky.
  • Very loving.
  • Loves to chase cats and birds.


  • Playing in the water.
  • Fluffy toys.
  • Running.