Meet Kirk

Get to know Kirk, the sweet and bouncy pug from Season 2 of The Dog House Australia.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Kirk and I am a 5 year 4 months 3 week old male pug, mixed breed unknown. My Colour is Fawn.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Kirk transferred to AWL from a regional facility and has since been in foster care after struggling to cope with shelter life. He was very shut down when he first arrived but has made great progress. Due to being brachycephalic breed, Kirk is sensitive to the heat, so would be suited to a family with older kids who can cuddle him and be a snuggle buddy, and would need inside/outside access when left home alone. Can show discomfort around certain dogs.


  • Prefers naps on the couch to long hikes in the heat
  • Sweet, chilled little dude
  • Bouncy boy


  • Butt scratches
  • Snacks
  • Fetch and tug of war.


  • His name is Kirk
  • He’s just over 5 years old
  • He’s a pug mixed breed
  • He’s been at the shelter for 2-3months, spending most of that time in foster care.